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Independent artist, Vocalist SSML ~ SIR SMITH MUSIC Lionell, aka SIR SMITH,  begin his, “solo”, music career in June of 2005, in Austin, Texas.

Having previously contributed some 10 + years, to his family's Christian Music Band by the name of, “JOY”. 

SSML begin to write and arrange his own music. Honing from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and gospel female group, “The Clark Sisters”. This new solo endeavor has provided a platform to express his music and enable him to touch many in a positive way.

Rather sharing at music conferences, local church, or private events SIR SMITH is committed to touching lives through music. SSML recently, begin to mark new territory when combining with professional music performance group, HotSauce ATX. This opened doors for even more music platforms, that have enabled him to perform popular tunes of several pop charting artist at professionally booked venues,  within the highly infused music industry; based in Austin, Texas.

This accomplishment has furthered his development and interest, to contribute his efforts beyond the Urban gospel community, setting new goals within the Urban R&B Soul genre.

He has served as worship leader of the Music & Arts ministry at his former local church, Open Door located in Austin, Texas, for more than 11 years, until recently relocating to the state of North Carolina, settling near the Raleigh-Durham, region.

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